Praise for Snakeskin Jacket’s Past Productions:


“Thom Pain–one of the great theatre experiences of my life. I can’t imagine this play being done better, in any particular. And what an extraordinary progression of emotions–ambushed at regular intervals by laughter– to be taken through. Astonishing.” — George Toles     [Thom Pain 2016] 


STARS. Take a great script and add fine actors. What do you get? A Beautiful View. Erica Hoiss delivers one of the most effortless performances I’ve seen in years: complex, charming and utterly compelling. She is a perfect counterpoint to Winnipeg Fringe veteran Kerri Wolosyzn, who carries much of the comedy of the piece, deadpan. There are many reasons to laugh, but I also found this the most moving Fringe play I have seen this year. Who are these women? Lovers? Friends? Exes? Enemies? It turns out they are as much in the dark as we are. The play beautifully explores the tangled nature of love (or whatever we may call it), without becoming predictable or sentimental. Lies are told. In theatre as in life, none are more painful than the ones we tell ourselves. This thoroughly entertaining production will get under your skin, a rarity in a festival too often characterized by easy laughs and sensationalism.” — Shawna Dempsey, CBC   [A Beautiful View 2015] 


4 STARS. There’s a reason seduction is called an art. And when you’re a down-on-your-luck filmmaker who is a bit of an egocentric hothead, finding the sweet spot to get people to sleep with you takes more than former glories and vodka. Wang Dang, written by American actor/director Tom Noonan, examines a night in the life of Mickey Hounsell, played to intense perfection by Ivan Henwood, who entertains a film student/fan Deana (Kerrie Woloszyn) in a seedy hotel room following a lecture at a college. She strokes his ego and builds his confidence, but the arrival of her quirky friend Kim (Jane Walker) sets the stage for a tense evening of ups and downs, laughter and tears from this local company. The script is filled with realistic, crackling dialogue, and as the alcohol kicks in, things turn strange. The cast is uniformly excellent and helps sell the story…the final revelation…added another loop to Hounsell’s emotional roller-coaster ride.” — Rob Williams, Winnipeg Free Press    [Wang Dang 2014] 


4 1/2 STARS. Cynical, sharp and often sharply funny, this Canadian premiere of playwright Tom Noonan’s dark comedy cuts to the core. It’s a play about surfaces and the tension between love and lust and married domesticity, and the home-like set gives local troupe Snakeskin Jacket’s four excellently rehearsed actors a comfortable place to let their characters’ neuroses flail free. They have a great script to play with, as one couple’s impromptu visit to their therapist devolves into a disastrous dinner party, tearing at their defensive veneers of gender and respectability. The four actors capture this perfectly, as their characters’ public masks collapse to reveal aching fragility. Jane Walker shines especially bright as spunky but damaged young wife Arlie, while Kerri Woloszyn lets rigid Rita’s vulnerability spill out quietly. The honesty is hard to watch but beautifully human in the end.” — Melissa Martin, Winnipeg Free Press    [The Wife 2013] 






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