Hey Shorty!

Hey-Shorty!-Vol.1Hey Shorty!

An Evening of Short Plays and Films (2010)

Plays by Megan Andres, John Guare, Raphael Saray
Films by Katie Man & Kerri Woloszyn & Jane Walker, Matt Webber, Burning Meatloaf
Featuring Megan Andres, Paul Duncan, Peabody Finkelstein, Gary Jarvis, Ivan Henwood, Kendra Jones, Katie Man, Jeremy Rampton, Barbara Santiago, Raphael Saray, Ray Strachan, Jane Walker, Kerri Woloszyn, Burning Meatloaf

Snakeskin Jacket’s inaugural Hey Shorty! took place at Ragpickers on McDermot Ave and was born from the idea of getting a group of good friends together to create a three day festival of short plays and films. Old favourites were dusted off, new material was written, and films were shot on minimal budget. Those in attendance saw something beautiful being born as the festival is now re-occurring and aims to include all new, original local material.