Thom Pain (based on nothing)

thom-pain-final-11x17Thom Pain (based on nothing) (2016)

by Will Eno
Directed by Jane Walker
Featuring Ivan Henwood

“Thom Pain–one of the great theatre experiences of my life. I can’t imagine this play being done better, in any particular. And what an extraordinary progression of emotions–ambushed at regular intervals by laughter– to be taken through. Astonishing.” — George Toles

“What can you say about 75 minutes of your life? What can you say about watching a whole life’s worth of living on stage? What can you say about nothing? After all, it’s done, right? You’ve left. You’ve picked your card and kissed your love and are just nearly finally ready to hug the smouldering remains of your childhood goodbye and then – boo! – the dream you dreamt is pierced by these earnest, endearing, intense, accusing, cold, burning, absent, pleading, pleading eyes and you realize that somehow this was never really your life at all in the end. Unless it was. Ours. Who knows? Not me. Gorgeous, funny, and altogether painful. A masterful production of a beautiful script. While this show stung, I kept reaching my hand back into the hive for more. A real thank you, Ivan and crew. You were lovely.” — Tasha Roth

“What if you only had one day to live?” How wonderful to see Thom Pain today (or tomorrow, whatever). What if you only had forty years? Then you’d want to carry a piece of theatre this rich, this patient and hilarious, this simple and tragic, this script, this actor, this director, you, me, hate, words, love, nothing, more, migraine, you, God. The things you may be feeling. The list goes on. Then the list ends. And when you die, you can think of Ivan and Jane fucking around with your life, and try to smile. An unmissable production and a stirring example of artists doing art across thousands of kilometers for the love of it.” — Thomas Toles