A Half a Sheet of Foolscap (2011)

by August Strindberg

In January of 2011 Snakeskin Jacket was asked by Naughty Sailboat to contribute a piece to their multi-media extravaganza, August Strindberg’s Flying Circus, for part of Royal MTC’s Master Playwright Festival. The result was an adaptation of Strindberg’s short story, A Half a Sheet of Foolscap. Sound Design by Aynsley Moorhouse; Video Design by Jon McPhail; Featuring Ivan Henwood and Jane Walker; Directed by Snakeskin Jacket.



Forest of Love

a Film by Jorge Requena-Ramos

presented at Hey Shorty! Vol.2 An Evening of Short Plays and Films (2011)


Not in Service

a Film by Matt Weber

presented at Hey Shorty! An Evening of Short Plays and Films (2010)